What’s your problem with human rights??

Everyone seems to be getting a little hot under the collar over the decision of a British judge to free the radical cleric Abu Qatada.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but the man has committed no crime in this country (not that it has stopped the authorities keeping him locked up.) and the country in which he is wanted, namely Jordan, is ruled by a particularly brutal regime known for multiple human rights abuses.

As far as I’m concerned countries such as Britain who claim to uphold basic human rights should not have extradition policies with countries like Jordan.

Human rights should apply to ALL humans regardless of race colour or creed. We cannot keep people imprisoned just because we disagree with what they say or how they think.

I think the judge was right to release the man. We cannot send him to his death in a Jordanian kangaroo court where he has no chance of a fair trail and we cannot keep him locked up in this country when he has done no wrong.

Three cheers for the British judiciary!


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