The war on Gaza and election time.

Once again we see ourselves watching news reports and you tube videos of massive Israeli air strikes upon the defenseless people of the Gaza Strip. These devastating attacks that are killing hundreds of innocent people are in response to poorly made rockets fired from Gaza into Israel by militant Palestinians. The truth is these rockets can only actually kill someone if they score a direct hit, and as they are unguided and fired like fireworks from the border this rarely happens. I am not trying to condone these attacks on the Israeli people, I  am merely trying to point out how disproportionate Israels response to the attacks has been.
Now these attacks have been occurring pretty much non stop now for a long time. They have not just started or flared up. So the question you are left asking yourself is why has Israel chosen now to launch massive air strikes and have troops and reservists ‘falling over each other’ at  the border??? It is no coincidence I’m sure that the first death from the recent fighting occurred a few days after the American elections (so as to  not cause any problems  for their  friends in the Whitehouse) but in plenty of time for the Israeli election. Kill a few hundred Arabs and Netanyahu gets re-elected. 
Think about it……..
Without  conflict with the Palestinians, what is the point of the right wing in Israel.
Netanyahu doesn’t want to end conflict in the middle east. On the contrary,  he’s counting on it, and the sooner the Jewish people wake up to this fact the better.